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Hermanus High School has a very active debating society. The members convene weekly to stage heated discussions on a variety of current topics. Topics vary from the facetious (Girls are “better” than boys) to more significant issues ("Is nuclear power the answer to the South African electricity problems?")  The blitz debate format is also practiced. These debates are informal and unprepared. The contestants revel in the honing of their debating skills.

Every year our debate team enthusiastically joins and take part at the Woordfees in Stellenbosch. 


Moot Court

 The Moot Court competition for schools was started in 2011. The purpose for this competition is to expose young people to the constitution of South Africa by allowing them to participate in a hypothetical court case. This also encourages talented young people to follow law as a career choice.

Two teams consisting of two learners each, compete against one another, where the one team represents the state and the other one the defense. Cases comprise of misdemeanours which may occur in schools. In 2017 Mari Louw and Kate van Zyl had decide whether a learner's human rights had been violated after she was disciplined because her hair did not adhere to the school rules.