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FLTR (Back): Denis Kaplan, Mr Jaco Schoeman, Mr Eddy Lanuti, Mr Vicki Claassen, Mr Francois Bezuidenhout, Mr Gene Boshoff, Adi Wessels

FLTR (Front): Mrs Janine Boshoff (Vice-chairperson), Mrs Aamenah Luyt, Mr Francois Hooneberg (Acting Principal), Mr Arnold Nepgen, Mr Kenneth Coetzer (Chairperson), Ms Jessica Botha


Elected by the parents, the School Governing Body supports the management of the school in various functions.

Name and Surname Position Committee Chairperson
School Governing Body    
Mr Kenneth Coetzer Chairperson Finance, Disposal
Mrs Janine Boshoff Vice-Chairperson Discipline & Legal, Appointments & Remuneration
Mr Francois Hooneberg Acting Principal Finance
Mrs Aamenah Luyt


(Non Teaching Staff Member)

Mr Gene Boshoff Treasurer Finance
Mr Jaco Schoeman Teaching Staff member Discipline & Legal, Appointments & Remuneration, Policies, Safety & Security, Arts & Culture
Ms Jessica Botha Teaching Staff member Discipline & Legal, Appointments & Remuneration, Policies, Sport, Culture
Mr Vicki Claassen Parent Discipline & Legal, Transport & Bus, Marketing
Mr Francois Bezuidenhout Parent Marketing, Sport
Mr Eddy Lanuti Parent Grounds & Buildings
Mr Arnold Nepgen Parent Appointments & Remuneration
Denis Kaplan RCL Member (Learner) Arts & Culture
Marli Snyman RCL Member (Learner) Arts & Culture
Co-opted members    
Mrs Sandra Marais Parent Discipline & Legal, Appointments & Remuneration
Mrs Lizel Kuchar PTA  
Mr Graham Bellingan Deputy Principal Finance, Discipline & Legal, Sport
Mr Morkel van Niekerk Parent Finance


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